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"So, the past month I've been going to Aiken to train with Lellie Ward at least four or five days a week with Spartacus. Her motto is to "ride better". What exactly does that mean to me? It means that you should ride by knowledge; not luck. You should ride well all the time, and never slack off and ride half-hearted. Never blame the horse for not understanding what you asked them to do. Instead, you as the rider should find the solution to the problem and do whatever you have in order to get the job done. I've learned so many things. How to sit on your seat bones correctly, leg yields, driving from the hind end, how to get your horse round with your leg, flying lead changes, how to deal with bucking, rearing, etc. My posture has improved with lots of scoldings from Ms. Lellie haha! I no longer have a chair leg. I'm finding my balance; balance means not pulling. I have so much still to learn and I can't wait to keep getting better! Hopefully you'll see me in my first three phase event soon!"
Sharon Rose
South Carolina
"Lellie is simply a gifted trainer and instructor, no matter what level the horse or the rider. Her breadth of experience covers it all. For the horse, it means clear, concise directions that the horse can understand and be successful with. For the rider, it means skills in language and images that are tailored both to the individual's best way of integrating, and at the level that is appropriate. My horses and I have spent a number of winters with Lellie, and come home far better than we arrived. Lellie doesn't think any question is stupid or beneath her, and can answer them all. She is generous about sharing her wealth of knowledge and really aims to make everyone "ride better". The barn, while not the most glamorous by today's standards, is extremely comfortable and well kept, and the turnouts are top-notch. Antonio has been with her for almost 20 years, and I would trust him with my newborn baby. No stinting on hay, feed and bedding, as is too often the case. And simply astonishing facilities, from the dressage rings to the show jumping ring to the cross-country course. I don't know what else one can reasonably ask for. My horses were happy and better, which is what I care about."
Libby Hutchinson 
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
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