No matter the discipline, at the end of the day we all need to RIDE BETTER.

The RIDE BETTER Clinics provide clear concise instruction and theory to improve the rider's relationship with their horse.

These clinics focus on the alignment of the horse and rider and the application of the aids.

Riders will learn precisely how to improve balance, size of stride, adjustability.

We welcome horses and riders of any discipline and any level. Dressage, show jumping, eventers, fox hunters.

 No one is too young or old to RIDE BETTER!

Guaranteed satisfaction and improvement with each session.

Paradise Farm offers dressage rings, national-level show jumps and cross country fences.

Stabling available at Paradise farm

Contact Lellie ward for additional information:

Upcoming Clinics:

May 30-31 - Stono River Stable, Charleston SC  

 June 5-7 - Paradise Farm, Aiken SC

June 8 - Asheville, NC        

June 27-28 -  Stono River Stables, Charleston SC

 July 18-19 - Paradise Farm, Aiken SC   

 August 22-23 - Paradise Farm, Aiken SC

Lellie will travel anywhere to teach. Clinics are based on the principles of safety, balance, control, confidence, and fun. Clinics are best organized over the telephone with Lellie personally.

"It is an honor to be able to help people do what they love."

-Lellie Ward