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Lellie Ward

Lellie holds a USEA Level III teaching certificate, as well as, certificates from Germany and the UK. She promotes safe and effective riding in the discipline of one’s choice – whether it be eventing, dressage, foxhunting, hunter, jumpers or recreational riding.


Nothing gives Lellie more pleasure than helping others at every level and to see her Paradise farm be put to good educational use. “Seeing people love their horses as much as I do is what it’s all about,” says Lellie.


From 1985 to 2004, Lellie Ward competed at Rolex Kentucky Three Day event four times on three different horses. Paddle (twice), Travelling Man (who was later sold to Bruce Davidson), and River Dance.


Lellie has been long-listed to the USEF for 16 years.  Lellie has competed and placed in most of America’s and Canada’s Three-Day events including: Radnor, Bromont, Jersey Fresh, Buffalo Texas and Gladstone.




She has ridden in almost every major horse trial on the East Coast over the past thirty years on multiple horses. She also spent four years competing three different horses from novice through advanced level in the U.K. and Europe.


Lellie has brought ten unstarted horses to the Advanced level over three decades. She was USEA Training Level Rider of the Year with Pickles, Peter Pan and Next Dance.


Peter Pan qualified for advanced in 2012. Lellie is training Next Dance to Grand Prix Dressage and Zidaan to Grand Prix level in show jumping. She also is producing a fine string of young horses.

Lellie’s Teachers


Show jumping: Katie Monahan Prudent, Anne Kursinski, Micheal Tokoruk, Vick Russell, Daniel Geitner, Iris Kellet (IRE), Yogi Breisner (UK), Stephen Hadley (UK)Eventing: Torrance Watkins, Mike Plumb, Charlie Plumb, Judy Bradwell (UK), Lucinda Green (UK),Phillip Dutton, Jack Le Goff, Jane Holderness-Roddam (UK), Jimmy Wofford


Dressage: Shawna Harding, Egon Von Neindorff (Germany), Carol Bishop, Gunnar Ostergard, Judy Bradwell (UK), Jennie Larriston-Clark (UK)

Drawing on over 35 years of teaching experience, Lellie offers real life analogies that make even the most complicated technique easy to understand and apply. Driven by her devotion to the further development of her riding, training, and teaching skills, Lellie continues training with top notch professionals to pass on new found knowledge to her students and horses.


Lellie’s diverse background includes Master of the Aiken Hounds for thirteen years and led the Field for 23 years. She created the very successful Fox Hunting Safety Clinics throughout the US and was regional safety director for the MFHA (Masters of Foxhounds Association) promoting safety in Foxhunting.

Traveling Man U.K.
Traveling Man  Rolex
Ready or Not  Thristane Castle, Scotland
Traveling Man Windsor Castle, U.K.
Peter Pan 
Riverdance  Rolex
Riverdance  Fox Hall
Sir Percival
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