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Lellie is Aiken's most experienced event rider.  She has trained 10 horses to the advanced level in eventing, ridden to Prix St. George in Dressage, jumped to 1.40 in show jumping and was Joint Master of the Aiken Hounds for 13 years.  She has apprenticed and trained with many of the best riders in the world.  She competed at the three and four star level of eventing in the US and abroad for over 35 years.

Anyone looking for an instructor will see it is difficult to find a more experienced, detail oriented, compassionate teacher.  Lellie has an extraordinary ability to instill knowledge and confidence to riders at any level.  Everyone that rides with Lellie is given the same quality instruction, weather their goal is Olympic competition or pleasure riding in the woods.

Please contact Lellie for information to schedule a lesson, ride or clinic at your farm 803.640.4918.

Individual & Small Group Lessons

~ Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping ~


Paradise Farm “Training Board” includes lessons and/or training rides by Lellie. We encourage a team atmosphere with all our riders whether their desire is to compete or just “Ride Better”.


Lellie schedules all lessons on an “as needed” basis. Please contact Lellie for information to schedule a lesson, ride or clinic at your farm 803.640.4918.


We offer a complete training facility to train your horse for dressage, showjumping, eventing and foxhunting.


We also offer events for riders and horses of all levels that include a jumping derby, hunter trial, 2-phase combined tests and 3-phase horse trials.

Training Philosophy

How do you RIDE BETER?


One of Lellie Ward's primary beliefs is you are never too old or young to build your confidence, learn more about riding and training your horse, and simply have more fun participating in this wonderful sport!


Lellie's lesson style is progressive and she offers multi-day packages to meet the needs of the horse and rider’s training goals.


All of Lellie's students are introduced to the concept of Proprioception, from Latin proprius, meaning “one’s own”, ”individual” and perception, is the sense of the relative position of neighboring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement”.  Riders that have an understanding of what they are looking for mechanically will better explain their requirements to their horses. This knowledge will increase not just ability but confidence. Riding then becomes more fun!


The alignment of the rider to the horse is paramount. The horse goes like the rider rides it. Very specific attention is given to rider position and the application of the aids. It is important the rider understands how his/her body, weight placement and confidence will affect the ride.


Explanations of the mechanics of the body and riding are often best explained in un mounted sessions, where the rider can concentrate solely on balance and body control without the added difficulty of the horse.


These un mounted sessions are fun and are aimed at teaching breathing, balance, and the science of movement. The concepts of proprioception are demonstrated and explained and aimed directly at the individual needs of each person and their goals with their horses.”


At the end of the day, it does not matter the discipline. The concepts learned in the un mounted sessions are applicable to all equine disciplines. Flat work is the same for the person headed toward the dressage ring or the hunt field. Jumping and galloping have the same requirements of understanding for the professional or amateur, adult or child.

Jumping Lessons

Cross Country and Show Jumping lessons can be scheduled privately or in group setting for up to five (5) participants.


Group lessons run a little longer with at least 1.5 hours for Show Jumping and 2 hours for Cross Country.

Dressage Lessons

Dressage Lessons are typically taught privately (one on one). Flat work lessons range from 1 to 1.5 hours.


Small group, flat work lessons can also be arranged, just ask Lellie.

Competition Coaching

Lellie is available to provide competition coaching as requested.


She assists riders in choosing appropriate competitions, selecting show dates, consulting on correct show ring attire, horse preparation for the show and expert grooming advice to make sure both rider and horse stand out at the competition.


Lellie will guide you through your warm up for each class or event; walk all cross country and show jumping courses helping you develop a strategy for each round.


After each of your classes/rounds, Lellie will review each effort with you and offer recommendations for future events and home work for improving future performances.


*Travel costs (mileage, hotel, meals) will be applied to competitions located beyond Aiken and will be determined and negotiated on an individual event basis.


In the case of multiple riders/horses, travel costs will be prorated among all riders/horses.

Fox Hunter Safety Clinic

Paradise Farm is pleased to extend an invitation to learn about the exhilarating sport of Fox Hunting. The event will provide an opportunity to learn about hounds, etiquette, attire and safety in the hunt field.


Lellie will introduce and prepare each horse and rider for riding in groups with both mounted and unmounted sessions.  All sessions will incorporate safety, balance, control and confidence; all prerequisites for a great day of hunting. Hunting etiquette will be discussed throughout the day.


Do you Event, Hunter Pace, trail ride? Take the next step at this clinic and give Fox Hunting a try! This day will be valuable both for foxhunters and those who do or aspire to riding cross country with or without jumping fences. 

Lellie Ward
Paradise Farm
4069 Wagener Road
Aiken, SC 29805
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