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 USEA/USEF sanctioned horse trials from starter through preliminary. 
Unrated schooling combined tests from into level through advanced.
Unrated schooling dressage competitions with USDF/USEA dressage tests for intro through grand prix/advanced.
Eventing type jumping derbies consisting of showjumping and cross country jumps. Banks, ditches, and water usually on courses. 
Unrated hunter/jumper schooling shows. From leadline through standard hunter/jumper classes including hunter/jumper derbies. 
Aiken hunter trials and dog show.  A truly unique and special opportunity for people to enjoy riding on the incredibly beautiful hills of Paradise Farm. There is an enclosed ring for those who prefer and an old fashioned outside course. There are several levels of courses ranging from very small and simple to larger tracks that include simple banks, ditches, and water. Schooling is always available and enouraged. This is a fun show in an open atmosphere with excellent viewing opportunities for spectators. The big attractions for these competitions are the leadline for Aiken's children, the family class, hunt teams, and the dog show. Proceeds from the dog show is always sent to K-9 charities. There are 4 classes each year: best wagger, prettiest eyes, the dog that looks most like its owner, and the costume class. 
EVENT: October 11, Aiken Hunter Trials and Dog Show
Obstacle challenges are open to English and Western riders.  Riders exhibit their skills over two types of courses. One course is in an enclosed arena and the second is on rolling hills including small banks, ditches,  and water obstacles. This is a fabulous opportunity for all riders to bond with their horses. 

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